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 I was worried that we didn't get any good pictures of my daughter because she was so cranky.. But now seeing the pictures for the first time makes me question, how & when were these pictures taken! These photos were beyond my expectations and ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. THANK YOU JESSICA THE PHOTOGRAPHER MAGICIAN. ::  Victoria G.


You have a way with children! Every time we come to you for a shoot, I feel confident that we'll walk away with beautiful shots. Even though Aiden has resting concerned face, you are still able to get so many shots of him with various expressions. You were so patient with Aiden and gave him and us so much time to get comfortable!  :: Stephanie L


The session went well. Considering my child was already a month old it was a bit challenging to pose her and keep her calm during the session. You very much connect with the babies and keep them as calm as you can. Especially during these unprecedented times you managed to keep clients informed about new policies and procedures, were flexible, maintained the utmost cleanliness, comfort for families, and still kept the appointment/session feeling like it always has.  :: Anonymous

I felt so comfortable throughout the entire session, even in the middle of a pandemic! My baby was so cared for, you truly are the baby         whisperer!:: Christie B


When you were with Thomas for his newborn session, you were a Godsend! I’m sure the same can be said for his first birthday photo shoot. You are so patient with our little guy. Thank you!  We are grateful for you and your hard work! Patience definitely goes a long way with little ones- and boy are you the most patient! Very professional and the photos are amazing. Thank you again! :: Erin P


Omg Jess they are beautiful! I’m in love with all of them. And all of that poop was worth it for the shots of the 3 of them haha.  Thank you!!! See you in a few months :)  :: Abby D


So comfortable. From the second we started it was nothing but calm cool collected. Even as my daughter cried and I felt frazzled. It was all such an easy process.  I can’t even begin to say how wonderful the whole experience is. The pictures are always stunning. This was the 3rd time using Jessica and I’m sure it won’t be the last!  :: Christina K

Thank you! These are beautiful and i will cherish them forever!  ::  Antonia K


You are legit a miracle worker because I did not think we got this many shots lol !!!!!!  Some are downright hilarious and I freakin LOVE then so thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!  :: Lizzie C


These are amazing!! We had so much fun at your session, as always. So much fun working with you all these years. :: Stephanie R