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Child/Children names and ages. 


    Tree Farm Sessions are $300 ALL OTHER Sessions are $250

                                                      includes 20 digital files via download from an online gallery.                                                                           

                                                There will be a $75.00 (+ sc) NON REFUNDABLE booking fee paid at the time of booking.                                                                    (This fee is not deducted from the session price)                                

 The Session Fee is to be paid in full the day of your session.


For all indoor sessions you will remain in your car, and text me upon arrival.  I will text you back when you may come into the studio.  Please do not come in before your scheduled time.  ONLY parents and the child/children included in the session will be allowed in the studio.  Please do not bring any additional friends/family members with you as they will not be allowed in during the session. 



Please note these are just examples and the set ups will have slight differences from what you see above.   

Outdoor sessions are for immediate family, up to 6.  ALL children must be able to sit well unassisted

These will have a limited amount of holiday props. 

  If you are looking for extended family session please contact me directly.   


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, [email protected] 

All sessions are 20 minutes booked back to back, there is no room for any overtime as there will be multiple sessions per day.